Frequently Asked Questions:

1. You mentioned "hack" again and again throughout this page... is this legal?

Of course. All techniques in Cheat for PC are 100% legal. Our guide has nothing to do with literal hacking, cracking, warez or anything that would cause you trouble. All these stuff called "hack" because what you actually do is to intrude the target and exploit it from the inside.

2. You made it sound worse...

Did I? Well... think about GameShark and ActionReplay. What do you think they are doing all this time?

Let me get this clear.. Cheat for PC techniques do not infringe any copyrights and do not cause any damage or loss to anybody/anything. Cheat for PC does not teach you anything that againsts the law by any means. Note that thousands of people are already in the know and doing this day in and day out their gaming life. None of them are going to jail as we speak...

3. What are the system requirements? What will I need to get up and running?

A personal computer with Windows operating system (Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP/Vista/7) is all you need to get up and running. The package will take care of the rest.

4. Will the techniques become obselete one day?

Gaming technology may evolved but the programming principles will remain the same. I first found this method in 1998 when 3D games was in their early years. Yet today, 10 years later, I can apply the same basic principle to something as fresh as Assassin's Creed (2008). That's why I confidently call this "a skill of a lifetime".

5. I saw console games in your screenshot... Will this work on consoles as well?

Yes and no. Our techniques work with console games but not literally "on consoles". Let me explain. The base of the techniques is computer memory (RAM) manipulation. So as long as you can hook the console to the PC, you can put Cheat for PC system to work.

6. What do you mean by "hook the console to the PC"? Is this covered in your book?

Absolutely. There are computer programs created solely for this purpose and we cover a great number of them in Cheat for PC guide. However we will not touch anything about how to get the games for that kind of information is leading to copyrights infringement.

7. So that's illegal?

As long as you have the original cartridge/CD, you have 100% the rights to play it on your PC using the programs I mentioned in the guide and to further exploit it using Cheat for PC techniques. As for where to get the game itself, you just have to find it out on your own.

8. What consoles have you tested that Cheat for PC is proven to work with?

A: So far I have personally tested Nintendo (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES), Sega Mega Drive, GameBoy (GB), GameBoy Color (GBC), GameBoy Advanced (GBA), Sony PlayStation (PSX), Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2), Nintendo Dual-Screen (DS) and arcade (MAME / Neo-Geo) with no problem at all

9. What about XBOX 360 / Wii /etc. ?

For the time being, they are NOT supported. But if you want it bad enough... you can always find the PC version of the game on your local game store.

10. Is this applicable to online games?

I have to say "NO" for 3 reasons... First, I believe it is illegal to cheat on community games (online games). Secondly, it's not worth the effort. People can easily report you to the authority and you'll soon get your account frozen. And last, but not least, most of today's online games are secured with a kind of "anti-hack" bot. They log any attempt of cheating (your user ID, your IP, your country, etc.) and automatically ban all those details altogether.


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Cheat for PC is NOT in any way affiliated with any gaming company or manufacturer.  It is NOT a software program but is a cheat coding guide that shows you how to make your own cheats using step-by-step instructions.  Do NOT use Cheat for PC for any online games.  We are not responsible or liable in any way if your account gets suspended, deleted or you get caught. Cheat for PC will NOT work on Macintosh computer systems and is for the PC only.

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